Aquasky Pumplus Pressure Tank



  • Suitable for Water Booster System/FCP.
  •  Diaphragm membrane pressure tank for cold sanitary water circuits, pressurized systems, and storage systems
  • Polypropylene liner and the diaphragm membrane create a water zone to avoid water contact with the tank’s metallic surface, so the tank is able to use for drinking water.
  •   The Stainless steel water connector is a perfect connection for water pipe with lead-free and chemical-free.
  •   Epoxy powder exterior painting to guarantee a high level of protection against oxidation and a fine aesthetic final quality
  • The industries ONLY fill 100% Nitrogen pre-charge pressure tank. To avoid temperature change creates pre-charge change.
  •   Accurate and extensive first-rate quality controls during all manufacturing process phases. All products are 100% pressure tested.

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Pressure Tank

Model Number: 8 / 18 /100 APT

Tank Volume: 8 / 18 /100 L

Diameter: 20.3 / 28 / 43 cm

Height: 30.4 / 36.4 / 76.5 cm

Volume: 0.52 / 1.14 / 5.39 CUF

Additional information

Model type

APT-8, APT-18, APT-100


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