Submersible Sewage Pumps


Brand: Shindo

Series: B Series

Max. Capacity (Q) = 1900m³/hr

Max. Head (H) = 61m

Max. Liquid Temperature = +40􀖩C

Max. Immersion Depth = 20m

Allowable Range of Liquid pH Number = 6 to 10


  • Industry and Residential Building Waste Water Discharge, Domestic Sewage and Storm Water Drainage, Sewage Treatment Plant and Farm Sewage Discharge, Construction Site, Factory and Mine Muddy Water Pumping, Agriculture and Aquaculture Water Pump.

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  • Sewage Pumps body and impeller are well matched by the repeated modifications
  • Motor with protection grade IP68 can work under water which making the best cooling effect.
  • Mechanical seal of motor is made of high quality double mechanical seal or 2 sets of individual
    single mechanical seals which makes reliable sealing line of defense.
  • Bearings are all high quality deep groove ball bearings which constitute reliable support for
    shaft of motor and pump.
  • Cable applied is soft and sewerage water tolerable with excellent mechanical seal
    strength and oil resistant ability.
  • Upper cover, up-bearing house, bearing house, motor body, etc. constitute pump casing, every
    joint of components has reliable static seal.

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Model type

50B2.75, 50B2.75SF, 50B2.75A, 50B2.75SA, 50B21.1SF, 50B21.1A, 50B21.1SA, 50B21.5A, 50B21.5SA, 65B21.1A, 65B21.1SA, 65B21.5SF, 65B21.5A, 65B21.5SA


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